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With a Property Management Inc. (PMI) franchise, you get a quick start in the very competitive, growing residential and commercial management market.

About Property Management Inc.

Want to tap into a recession-proof, multi-trillion dollar industry?  

Regardless of market conditions, people still need a place to live and do business.

Property management is always in constant demand.  You could go it alone, but a franchise provides branding and name recognition plus business and marketing systems.  

Real estate can be a rollercoaster ride with high highs and low lows; however, property management provides consistent revenues and profits.   

With a Property Management Inc. (PMI) franchise, you get a quick start in the very competitive, growing residential and commercial management market.

A PMI Franchise Provides Next Generation Management Services

  • Comprehensive business operations training
  • Best in class property management software
  • Aggressive advertising & lead generation systems
  • Unlimited support from property management and business building  experts 
  • No Previous real estate experience necessary

PMI Management Tools

  • Both residential and commercial management systems
  • Next generation property management software
  • Your own custom website that integrates software, accounting, marketing, and your property listings, that allow you to run your business form anywhere
  • Portals for your property owners and tenants to communicate with you 
  • Proven customer lead generation systems
  • Systems to convert those leads into contracts
  • Access to national and local vendors
  • Access to online support, training resources and webinars

Hear from some of our franchisees...

’When I started exploring the property management industry I had to decide if I was going to start a business from scratch or invest in a franchise. I am so glad that I went the franchise route and I am especially glad that I chose the PMI franchise system. PMI is really a turn-key business, they had all the vendors in place of me, a complete knowledge base in the back office and the software is at the cutting edge of the franchise industry. My website is professional and my print materials are top-notch. I am thrilled with my new business.’  – Dave, Richmond, VA 

’I researched several franchise opportunities and what attracted me to PMI is the fact that I can manage both commercial and residential properties. This gives me access to two multi-billion dollars markets. I just couldn’t find another opportunity as exciting as PMI.’  - Mark, Indianapolis, IN 

’When I started looking at investing in a property management franchise I wanted to find a franchise that would show me step by step how to grow my business. I wanted to know how I was going to get clients. The PMI Client Acquisition System did just that. PMI helped me double my portfolio in just six months after being in the businesses for six years!’ - Richard, Evansville, IN


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