Site Features

Profile Photo & Logo
With Franchise Nation Network uploading and managing profile pictures and logos has never been easier! Just with a couple of clicks members can make their profile look unique and give them the look that they want.

Additional Listing Details
Boost SEO rankings by enabling members to add more information to their listings. You can decide what information you would like your members to input, making your directory’s member pages highly valuable and informative. You can easily create input boxes such as check boxes, drop-down options, text inputs, and more.

Publishing Content
Franchise portals are successful because of the user-generated content active members produce. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to search for a variety of business opportunities in one place. And in the case of Franchise Nation Network because it’s easy! What makes FNN successful is its ease of use, and that’s the type of directory you will have when you get started.

Managing Profile Messages
Website visitors can send Advertisers direct messages. Franchise and business owners will receive email notifications when new messages are available. Automated emails make everything even easier. Advertisers can manage all their inquiries from within account dashboard area. Because Advertisers will receive many inquiries from visitors, or see increased traffic to their own website due to the additional internet awareness and Franchise Nation Network provides..

Photo Album Manager
Photos and high quality graphics add value to any directory. Photos keep visitors clicking and are a great way to boost your directory’s SEO. A single member could add dozens of images, and each image will work to attract more visitors to your site over time. The photo album manager is one of the easiest plugins available. Member’s can add and edit multiple albums and photos with ease.