Franchise Website SEO

There are quite a few Web Design and SEO companies out there, but few touch the quality provided by AdFactor. For SEO, many companies only offer a "One size fits all" SEO Campaign. Franchise business owners should be aware that every concept has different needs and different goals. There are SEO firms that offer separate SEO solutions customized to best fit each individual client.

The Importance of SEO in Franchise Marketing

SEO has become more than just a buzz word, and companies are looking for knowledge and experience. Many franchise organizations ask the question, "What have you actually done to my website?" or "What will you be doing to increase my web presence?" As other SEO companies fail to provide in-depth, descriptive lists of what all is included in their SEO campaign, good SEO firms can provide a laundry list of services for each price category. This ensures their clients of the product, rather than having to rely on their own assumptions and hopes of what they will be provided with. The best SEO firms provide real-time campaign analytics, and a real-time campaign reporting dashboard, clients have personal access to intuitive software for constant updates to their campaign.

Web Design and Optimization Integration

Web Design is a unique art that requires creative thinking and applicable design. When dealing with clients, there are often a variety of goals they will want to accomplish with their website.

Many web design companies do not offer a variety, but Brand Banc Marketing (BBM), provides clients with four different web development packages to suit any company's needs.

Many websites are on a WordPress content management system to provide easy management for clients after completion. With a dynamic website resellers can let our services do all of the talking. In conjuction with our affiliate companies BBM has a proprietary system for products that others have left up to interpretation. With different product pricing categories, clients are able to find the right Web Design and SEO packaging for them.