Website Development

The Internet is the primary line of communication for a franchise concept to connect with franchise candidates. It is the first place the consumer goes when they learn the company name. Regardless of the franchise commerce model, the websites should be the deciding factor and a positive impression of the brand.

Brand Banc Marketing (BBM) produces websites that are full functional extensions of the franchise brand. Their experienced digital artists and web developers create a design based on established brand elements transforming the best of the brand equity into a memorable Internet presence. The result, the site is informative, impressive, functional and flexible for the future growth of the company.

BBM custom websites graphic design and development are customized to the company's needs. However, typical Brand Banc Marketing franchise websites contain the following franchise marketing elements and pages:

  • Ask An Expert
  • General Industry Information
  • The Benefits of Franchising
  • A Concept Description
  • Initial Investment Detail
  • Description of the Ideal Candidate
  • Common Questions and Answers
  • Photos of the Business
  • Description of the Training/Support
  • Steps to Opening the Business
  • Inquiry Page and Form
Regardless of which website development firm you select to develop your franchise website, it should be well noted that a franchise website should never substitute for personal interaction with a franchise candidate be sure that you provide the general public with a proper introduction to your franchise concept and enough information to evoke a franchise inquiry.