Expert Consultants

Every business is different. As such, the required Federal Trade Commission (FTC) documentation for your new franchise is unique. Therefore just like open heart surgery, franchise compliance should not be attempted with a "kit", "do-it-yourself" or by an inexperienced firm. 

Business Development Centers (BDC)
 headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and has satellite offices located throughout the United States is a good place to start. BDC reviews your business relative to proven franchise operations and structures. If your business is deemed to have franchise potential, they then conduct an industry competitive analysis. Following our research, we produce a development plan that outlines your company's expansion goals and financial projections. BDC clients receive all the necessary franchise development components:

  • Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement
  • Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD)
  • An Iron Clad Franchise Agreement
  • Area Developer Agreement (ADA)
  • Professional Operations Manual
  • Franchisee Compliance Certification
  • Additional BDC Franchise Services:Registration in Required States
  • Franchise Website and Materials Development
  • Franchise Marketing and Sales

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Business Development Centers team of franchise consultants have decades of real time franchise development, operations and marketing experience. BDC provides their clients with precise and proven methods to cost effectively create, develop and/or market a new franchise concept. BDC will help you avoid costly, possibly devastating franchising mistakes. Most importantly BDC is dedicated to Affordable Franchise Excellence! BDC can develop your new franchise concept in full FTC compliance in as little as ONE FRANCHISE SALE!