Franchise Attorneys

Harold L. Kestenbaum

Harold Kestenbaum is an attorney who has specialized in franchise law and other matters relating to franchising since 1977. From May 1982 until September 1986, Harold served as franchise and general counsel to Sbarro, Inc., the national franchisor of over 1,000 family-style Italian restaurants and, was a director from March 1985 to December 2006.

From September 1983 to October 1989, he served as President and Chairman of the Board of FranchiseIt Corporation, the first publicly traded company specializing in providing franchise marketing and consulting services and equity financing to emerging franchise companies, which he co-founded. Harold has authored the first book dedicated to the entrepreneur who wants to franchise his/her business called "So You Want To Franchise Your Business". It is a step by step guide to what a businessperson needs to know and do to properly roll out a franchise program.

My Franchise Law

For business owners thinking of taking that next big step and expanding their successful business into a franchise business, it can be a daunting task to know where to start. Franchise development and planning can be pricey and difficult to navigate if you don't have the proper plan in place, but by breaking the process down into four manageable steps you will soon be on the right path for franchising success.

Amberly Law

After leaving the FTC, Mr. Amberly began advising franchisors on a variety of topics, including trademark protection, antitrust advice, drafting the initial franchise documents, and reviewing the marketing materials of a sophisticated and established franchisor. Mr. Amberly has counseled over 25 franchisors during the past few years. These franchisors have covered a number of service areas, including restaurants, maid services, retail candy stores, and building inspection services.

Mr. Amberly also works with several different franchise consultants to assist successful businesses who want to develop their business into a franchise operation. In counseling these "start-up" franchisors, he has drafted all of the relevant and required franchise documents-including the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document ("UFDD"), Franchise Agreement, promissory notes, confidentiality agreements, operating agreements, and other relevant contracts and documents necessary to operate a legally sound franchise.

Franchise Dealer Law

Leading Franchise Attorney. W. Michael Garner is one of the country's leading franchise attorneys and trial lawyers for franchisees and dealers in their disputes with their franchisors and suppliers. As a franchise attorney he has stopped terminations and non-renewals; won damage awards for fraud and termination in the hundreds of millions of dollars; advised people on buying a franchise; helped folks get out of their franchise; protected franchisees when their franchise systems got bought, sold or spun off; formed and advised groups and associations of franchisees; and protected franchisees when their franchisor was trying to invade, or encroach on, their territory.

A Franchise Trial Lawyer and a Leading Authority. W. Michael Garner not only has tried cases throughout the country, but is also recognized as one of the nation's leading franchise lawyers and authorities on franchise law. He is the author of the leading legal treatise on franchise law - the book other lawyers turn to when they need to know; he served as Editor-in-Chief of the American Bar Association's Franchise Law Journal - the legal journal for lawyers who practice franchise law; and he conceived and edits the Franchise Desk Book, a handy reference work for franchise attorneys. As one client said, "When we call Michael Garner with a franchise law question, he doesn't have to look it up... he wrote the book!"