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About Blo Blow Dry Bar

Why Blo

You’re not cheating on your hairdresser. Blo was the first to market the no cuts, no color concept in North America and is the world’s largest Blow Dry Bar chain.

Blo is an international franchise dedicated to providing convenient, quick and affordable catwalk-quality blo outs. Today, Blo has 34 locations in 8 states and 4 countries with more bars opening soon.

Reasons to Invest in Blo

Perfect hair equals perfect confidence. Period. Blo has revolutionized everyday hair for women around the world by providing the unstoppable confidence that comes with flawless hair at an affordable price. Still not convinced?

  • As America’s Original Blow Dry Bar, Blo is the clear category leader.
  • Blo is a simple model with an intensive training program and proven systems. Blo Corporate provides Franchise Partners with all the tools and resources required to succeed, from ops and software to recruiting and brand.
  • You don’t need to have hair experience! Blo U(niversity), our one-of-a-kind session styling program, ensures that your staff is trained by a Corporate Trainer.
  • Blo Corporate’s support doesn’t end when you open. We are constantly updating our operations, driving local and national marketing and reviewing best practices.

How Do You Blo?

We offer a variety of configurations from 400 sf. to 1,000 sf. In addition to Unit Franchises, there are Multi-Unit and Development Agent opportunities in several key markets.

Available Territories

Blo currently has territories available in select markets across the USA and beyond. We are looking for ambitious, passionate and involved partners who can work the system. While you are not required to have hair experience, you must love all things pink!


To grow Blo, you should have access to $200,0000 - $275,000. This includes franchise fee, build out and opening costs. Capital varies based on real estate and the size/number of seats of your Blo.

Next Steps

Whether you are a first time franchisee or a seasoned business owner, Blo Blow Dry Bar is all about helping you blo your market away. The support Blo offers its Franchise Partners is unique and we can’t wait to take you through the process so you can determine is Blo is the right opportunity for you.

Please fill out the request form to begin the process.

Thank you for your interest, we can’t wait to blo you away!


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